OÜ RIAB Transport began its activities in 2003 and is based on 100% local capital. The company’s main area of activity is manned rental of construction vehicles and machines. In addition to this, we also perform navvying, demolition, planning, landscaping, loading operations and road work; also road maintenance and snow clearing during the winter period. »

Riab Transport

Construction waste containers rental

Installation, emptying, removal! We rent containers for domestic, construction and demolition waste.

Container capacities range from 8 to 20 m3 and each type of container has a different transport price. Load height upon loading must not exceed the height of sidewalls, installation of additional extensions is not allowed. Load must be prepared so it can be transported safely. Containers shall be emptied according to clients wishes.

Ordering: GSM +372 53 448 851, E-mail sten@riabtransport.ee